Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beijing International Soduku Tournament 2012

Beijing Media Network (BMN), a WPF member,will host its second Sudoku tournament–the 2012 Beijing International Sudoku Tournament.BMN is one of China’s largest media corporations, which controls the radio, TV, film and digital technology industries in Beijing. In May 2011, BMN organized the first international Soduku Tournament in Beijing with participants from 19 countries and regions .
The tournament will be organized in the same style as the WSC’s but one day free local tour to the Forbidden City and the Beijing old residential alley is added. The BIST’12 takes place between 17 and 21 May during the most beautiful season in Beijing. 
Being a most prestigious tourist destination, the Forbidden City is located in the very centre of Beijing. Built in 1420, it served as the Chinese Imperial court from 1420 to 1911 with 24 emperors and has remained as the world largest, most completed ancient architecture complex of wooden structure, honored as one of the world most grand royal palaces. 

Prizes to win
Top 10 Prizes for the BIST’12
1st Prize: $6,000 US dollars
2nd Prize: $5,000 US dollars
3rd Prize: $4,500 US dollars
4th Prize: $4,000 US dollars
5th Prize: $3,000 US dollars
6th Prize: $2,000 US dollars
7th Prize: $1,500 US dollars
8th Prize: $1,000 US dollars
9th Prize: $600 US dollars
10th Prize: $600 US dollars

Additional Prizes for Age Group
Age 18 & Under
1st Prize: $500 US dollars
2nd Prize: $400 US dollars
3rd Prize: $300 US dollars

Age 40 & Above
1st Prize: $500 US dollars
2nd Prize: $400 US dollars
3rd Prize: $300 US dollars

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