Thursday, January 5, 2012

Logic Masters India's Sudoku Test: Shapes and Sizes : 7/8 Jan 2012

Richard Stolk

Sudoku Types
Chaos sudoku
Chaos windoku
Twin chaos sudoku
Low digits sudoku
Partly twins sudoku
Scattered sudokuro
Toroidal sudoku
Toroidal in large grid
Cylindrical sudoku
Chain sudoku
Scattered outside sums sudoku
Scattered non-consecutive sudoku
Scattered overlapping sudoku
Scattered sudokus with added clues

About Shapes and Sizes
Chaos sudokus (or Number Place by its original name) have always been among my favourite puzzles. When I came across such a puzzle with a scattered irregular area in the USPC of 2003, I was a big fan of this type of puzzles immediately, recognizing the possibilities for symmetry and the extras it offers in ways of solving these puzzles. That’s why I am very happy to make a sudoku test for LMI that is completely dedicated to sudokus with irregular areas: chaos, toroidal and scattered. I hope you will enjoy solving the puzzles as much as I did creating them.

What you need to know
- The test consists of 14 puzzles;
- The duration of the test is 120 minutes;
- None of the puzzles in the test will have the regular 3x3-blocks;
- The puzzles in the real test all will have the same sizes as in the IB. The shapes (e.g. the irregular areas) will – of course  – be different;
- Some of the puzzles in the IB will be easier than the corresponding puzzle in the real test while other puzzles in the IB will be harder. This means that the level of difficulty of the puzzles in the IB does not correspond to the distribution of points over the puzzles in the real test.
- The distribution of points is based on the times needed by test solvers. Therefore, you might experience differences due to your own personal skills and preferences.
- Every puzzle has one marked row and one marked column as answer key;
- When submitting the answer key, ignore outside clues, sudokuro clues and black cells;
- I expect the fastest solvers to finish the test within the time limit. Everybody who solves all 14 puzzles correctly, is rewarded with a time bonus of 9 points per saved minute. When 13 puzzles are solved correctly and the answer submitted for the remaining puzzle contains no more than 4 wrong digits, the time bonus of 9 points per saved minute is also awarded.
- For two puzzles partial points can be earned if only one (of two) grid is solved correctly.

You may start "Shapes and Sizes" any time during the 48-hour period during the weekend of 7/8 Jan 2012.
Your timer will start when you click "Start Shapes and Sizes" — then you will have 120 minutes to solve and submit your answers.
A timer will be shown the answer page with the remaining time.
New Player?

New players must check F.A.Q. before participating.

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