Logic Masters India's Sudoku Test: Shapes and Sizes : 7/8 Jan 2012

Richard Stolk

Sudoku Types

Chaos sudoku
Chaos windoku
Twin chaos sudoku
Low digits sudoku
Partly twins sudoku
Scattered sudokuro
Toroidal sudoku
Toroidal in large grid
Cylindrical sudoku
Chain sudoku
Scattered outside sums sudoku
Scattered non-consecutive sudoku
Scattered overlapping sudoku
Scattered sudokus with added clues

About Shapes and Sizes from the author of this puzzle test
Chaos sudokus (or Number Place by its original name) have always been among my favourite puzzles. When I came across such a puzzle with a scattered irregular area in the USPC of 2003, I was a big fan of this type of puzzles immediately, recognizing the possibilities for symmetry and the extras it offers in ways of solving these puzzles. That’s why I am very happy to make a sudoku test for LMI that is completely dedicated to sudokus with irregular areas: chaos, toroidal and scattered. I hope you will enjoy solving the puzzles as much as I did creating them.

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