Sudoku Cup 7

Sudoku Cup 7

Karel Tesaƙ is to announce the unique online "sudokucup" tournament consisting of popular sudoku puzzles. In the tournament, you can compare your results to the results of players all over the world.
The SudokuCup enables all Sudoku players to play top puzzles in competition conditions without leaving home.

The principle of the tournament is simple:

  • From the beginning of January, you can download a booklet that will contain similar assignments as those in the tournament. 
  • A few days before the competition you can download a PDF assignments file secured with a password. 
  • On 28th January 2012 (0:00 CET) there will be open access to the password by which you can open and print the tournament assignments. It will be open for 48 hours. 
  • You will be given a certain number of points for the solution sent within 2 hours of lifting the password (the solution sent later won’t be taken into account). 
The results will be evaluated shortly after the tournament close.

The big advantage of the sudoku up sudoku tournament is the fact it is open to all players from the whole world, not only from the Czech Republic.

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