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Classic Tapa Contest (Trial Day 10) (11th Feb - 31st March)


Classic Tapa Contest (CTC) is a contest for solving Classic Tapa Puzzles, along with its older sibling "Tapa Variation Contest". Everyday a new Tapa will be available to solve. Unlike TVC, all puzzles in CTCs are to be solved online.
At the end of 2 months (exactly on the same day as TVC ends), a winner will be declared. The winner of CTC will have a title called Classic Tapa Master.
And first three competitor will have a Tapa puzzle book which is prepared by Serkan.

Solving Online

  • Left Click - Toggle shading of a cell
  • Left Click + Drag to shade multiple cells.
  • Shift+Left Click - Mark a circle in the cell.
  • Shift + Left mouse click + drag to mark circles in multiple cells.
  • Right Click - Toggle marking a circle in the cell.


Everyday, the Tapa puzzle will be available after midnight IST (Indian Standard Time).


If you have any questions or doubts or suggestions, please ask in the forum.

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