Tapa Variations Contests - 2012

Tapa Variations Contests - 2012

About Tapa Variations Contest

Tapa Variations Contest (TVC) is an annual puzzle contest having different variations of Tapa puzzle. Each year, during February and March, 4 small contest will be organized. There will be winners every week and at the end of four contests there will be Tapa Variations Winner, determined by a scoring system. Winner of 2010 Tapa Variation Contest was Nikola Zivanovic from Serbia. In 2011, Florian Kirch from Germany won the contest.
Nikola Zivanovic & Serkan Yurekli
Nikola Zivanovic receiving Tapa Master 2010 from Serkan Yurekli during 10th 24 HPC in Budapest

Florian Kirch TVC 2011

Tapa Variations List

Most of the puzzle ideas used in TVC belonged to participants. Everyone is encouraged to share Tapa variations ideas which can be included in upcoming contests. We have compiled a list of all Tapa Variations in order to avoid duplicates and make the process more productive by saving time for puzzle idea providers. If you have puzzle ideas, please send them to Gulce or Serkan.

Grading System in 2012

Two different grading systems were used in 2010 and 2011. Considering our two-year experience, we know that some changes should be made to the grading system.

Tapa Variation Contests' Dates 2012
Tapa Variation Contests' Dates 2012

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