Logic Masters India's Classic Tapa Contest

Logic Masters India's Classic Tapa Contest

About Classic Tapa Contest (CTC)

Tapa Puzzle is a very famous puzzle type prepared by Turkish Puzzle Creator Serkan. Nowadays very Tapa variations are available to be solved. Here is Classic Tapa Contest on the Logic Masters India website. This CTC contest will be for trial for 10 days from 11th Feb to 31st March 2012. Once the trial period is over the contest will open for more than a month.
Classic Tapa Contest (CTC) is a contest for solving Classic Tapa Puzzles, along with its older sibling "Tapa Variation Contest". Every day a new Tapa will be available to solve. Unlike TVC, all puzzles in CTCs are to be solved online.

At the end of 2 months (exactly on the same day as TVC ends), a winner will be declared. The winner of CTC will have a title called Classic Tapa Master.

And first, three competitors will have a Tapa puzzle book which is prepared by Serkan.

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