Friday, October 26, 2012

Slalom or Gokigen Puzzle

Slalom puzzle is also known as Gokigen puzzle. This puzzle is one of my favorite puzzle. When I first time saw this puzzle, it looked complex variation. However after solving few puzzles, this puzzle type now looks very easy variation. I have recently created some Slalom puzzles for 24Hr puzzle championship, which I will be publishing very soon. However this puzzle is generated by software using Magnum Opus software. 
Rules of Slalom Puzzle
Place a diagonal line into each square of the puzzle. The circled numbers tell you how many diagonals converge at that point. You must ensure that the diagonal lines never combine to form a loop of any size.
Slalom or Gokigen Puzzle
Slalom or Gokigen Puzzle

Solution of this Slalom Puzzle is given as below
Slalom or Gokigen Puzzle Solution
Slalom or Gokigen Puzzle Solution

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