Kendoku Printable Puzzles

Kendoku Puzzle is known by many different names. Other names for Kendoku puzzles are Mathdoku or Calcudoku. Kendoku puzzle is similar to Sudoku puzzles. However in these puzzles, one has to do mathematical calculations to solve these puzzles. Here are a couple of puzzles that are generated with the tool provided by Magnum Opus.

Rules of Kendoku Puzzles
Fill the whole grid with the numbers from 1 to N, where N is the size of the grid. No number can repeat in any column or row. The grid is divided into small blocks. The number at the corner of each block gives the number and mathematical operations. The number given can be obtained by applying the given mathematical operation to the numbers in that particular block. Note that numbers can repeat in a block.
Kendoku Puzzle 6x6
1 Kendoku Puzzle

Mathdoku or Calcudoku 6x6
2. Mathdoku or Calcudoku

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