Logic Masters India's Beginners Sudoku Contest Oct 2012

Logic Masters India's Beginners' Sudoku Contest : 11th-17th October 201

Logic Masters India's Beginners' Sudoku Contest: 11th-17th October 2012

About Beginners' Sudoku Contests

"LMI Beginners' Sudoku Contests" is targeted at players who have mostly solved Classic sudokus in the past, with much less expertise in variants.
There will be 2 rounds, each of 40 minutes. One round will contain 4 Classic Sudokus, and another one will contain 4 basic variants. Players will be able to submit even after 40 minutes, and they will get 50% of the points.

Difficulty of Sudokus
We will target to have 75% easy Sudokus and 25% medium-level Sudokus. The timing of 40 minutes is set such that most solvers will be able to solve at least 75% of the Sudokus, and good solvers can certainly aim for a time bonus. Top solvers (LMI ratings > 500) should target to solve all sudokus in 12 minutes.

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