Thursday, July 17, 2014

Online Logical Games

Online Logical Games
Intelligent Quotient (IQ) which gives the measure of human brain power is combination of Attention, Memory, Speed, Language Knowledge,  Flexibility and Problem Solving ability. Here problem solving ability plays an important part of your brain power or IQ. Problem solving ability can be increased by constantly challenging your mind to solve problems. One can increase one's brain power by playing Logical Games. Each level in these logical games will require or make you think deep for completing it. 
See how many levels you can solve in these Logical Games?
Tile Drag Puzzle
The Parking Lot
Sliding Blocks Puzzle
Kaleidoscope Series 1
Brain Games
Hourglass Problem
Sudoku Puzzles
Hex Mines
Chess Games and Chess Puzzles
Classic Mines
Bridge Crossing
Bomb Squad
Animation Picture Puzzle
3 Slices 2
Code Breaking
Energy Physics
Gravity Stacker
Let it Glow 2
Lost Head
Seesaw Logic
Splitter 2
Board Games

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