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Fun Puzzles to Test Your Observation Skills

Fun Puzzles to Test Your Observation Skills
How good are your observation skills? Here is the visibility/readability test for your eyes and brain.  Lets test it with the few pictures. In these pictures one has to find the hidden animals or has to observer the picture carefully to answer the asked questions. Lets see how good you are in observing pictures? This is the IQ test of your observation skills.
One can check Hidden Picture Puzzles, are the similar puzzle of Observation skill type which you should be checking once you solved all this puzzles. Also Check you readability Test  and Try finding Mistakes in the Given Pictures for similar puzzles. 
Answers link to these puzzles is given at the end of this post.

Lets start with the easy one. In the following picture how many deers can you find. This is an easy observation brain teaser to warm you up for the tough observation skill puzzles.
1. How many deer do you see in this picture?

Previous one was very easy one and as I told that it was just the warm up easy brain teaser. Lets see how quickly you can answer this tough brain teaser. There is one animal hidden in this picture. Find the animal hidden in this picture and name it
brain teaser to find the hidden cat in picture
2. Find the hidden animal in this picture?

3. Now lets take a break of finding the animals in the picture brain teaser and lets test your readability skills. This is the simple reading test to check your reading skills. Read carefully the sentence in the following picture and count the number of Fs in this picture. Read it first time to count the number of Fs and then again to check it one more time. Lets see how fast you can read this sentence to get the correct count of number of Fs in this picture?


Lets again move to finding the hidden animal in the given picture. By the time you can now expert in finding hidden objects and observing pictures carefully. Lets see how fast you can find the hidden animal in the following picture?
Brain Teaser to Find The Hidden Animal In Picture
4. Find The Hidden Animal In Picture?

One more hidden CAT picture riddle. At the first instance I found very difficult to find hidden cat in this puzzle. However very careful scan of this puzzle picture is required to find the hidden cat in this picture. Lets see how much time one will take to find hidden cat in this picture riddle?

Here is the answer of 9th Brain Teaser of Finding Hidden Faces in the Given Pictures Puzzles (Interesting Fun Brain Teasers) 
Hidden People in the office room brain Teaser Answer
Hidden People in the office room brain Teaser Answer

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  1. I clicked on to see how many were in the office picture but it brought me to a new page but no picture to show how many in the office, I counted 10 if you count the one who took the picture. So I was just wondering exactly how many are in the office? I have a few friends who are just as curious too. xx

    1. If you go to the end of this post, there is hidden answer. You have to click on the link to open the hidden picture.
      Do let me know if you still need help to see the answer :)

    2. Thanks to your feedback, I not now not hiding the answer image. Solution images to these riddles are now immediately visible in the answer pages.

  2. I did the Fun Puzzles observation test with animals and tried to click on the answer but it brought me to a different page. How can i find the answer? Please help.

    1. To avoid inadvertently looking at the answers, I have separated questions and solutions on different pages and hidden the answers. Please go down to the answer post to find the corresponding solution. Please do comment in case any problem in looking at the solution.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks to your feedback and also to the feedback of other readers here, I have simplified the process to checking the answers for these brain teasers. Now links given for answers will directly take one to the solution pages which un-hidden solution image of these riddles is displayed.


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