Friday, August 22, 2014

Online Hitori Puzzle Tutorial by Conceptis Puzzles

Online Hitori Puzzle Tutorial by Conceptis Puzzles
This puzzle Tutorial is part of Logical Puzzles and Sudoku Tutorials.

Hitori is one of my favorite puzzles. This puzzle is considered among the Classic puzzles in world of puzzles. Most the World Puzzle Championships will have the Hitori puzzle. 
In this puzzle you will be given grid containing number where you have to cross some of the numbers so that at the end no number is repeated in any row/column. Also the crossed numbers can touch only at diagonal and the numbers which are not crossed should be connected to reach other. Rules are explained more in details as below.   
Hitori puzzle comes with different sizes and different difficulties. This puzzle is also known with the name "All Alone".

Hitori Puzzles Vol 1 contains many Hitori puzzles which one can solve it online. 
One can also solve Daily Hitori puzzle online here. 

Rules of Hitori
Black out some of the digits in the grid so that each row and each column contains only different digits. Black cells must not touch horizontally or vertically and all non-black cells must remain interconnected.

Here is the Hitori puzzle Tutorial to teach you Rules and basic techniques to solve this puzzle.
I have sure that if you love Logical Puzzles, you will love Hitori too.

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