Mind Cracking Maths Logic Question to Shake Your Brain

This is a mind cracking maths logic puzzle question which will shake your brain. In this maths logic question, your challenge is to find the value of the missing number. You need to first decipher the logical reasoning used in the given logical number equations. Apply the same logical reasoning to the last number equation to find the value of the missing number which replaces the question mark. If you can crack this mind cracking logic question, then you are a genius. Post your answer in the comments.
CAn you find the missing number? If 32=18, 54=31, 28=22, 98=57 Then 18 = ?
Can you crack this mind cracking maths logic question?
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Manoj Kumar said...

How can the answer is 17. Please explain it.

Rajesh Kumar said...

Answer to this Mind Cracking maths logic #puzzle question is explained as below
Divide the given number on the left side of the given number equation by 2 and then add units place of the same number in answer obtained to get the number on the right side of the equation.
Please let me know if something is still not clear?