Borders & Beyond on 15-17 Sept 2012 (Logic Masters India Puzzle Test)

Borders & Beyond on 15-17 Sep 2012 (Logic Master India Puzzle Test)
Borders & Beyond Test General instructions 

There are 20 puzzles of 10 different types. Each type has 1 small and 1 big puzzle. The test duration is 120 minutes. Time bonus of 5.5 points per minute saved will be awarded only if at least 19 puzzles are solved correctly. Puzzle points are assigned based on testing times and author's interpretation of the difficulty. Difficulties may vary for the solvers. 
Borders & Beyond Puzzle Test Author
Prasanna Seshadri
About Borders & Beyond Puzzle test
This test will have 10 puzzle types themed on bordered divisions of the grid, 2 from each type. 

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