Memoriad 2012

Memoriad 2012 (Mental Calculation and Memory & Photographic Reading Olympiad)
The MEMORIAD® term is a global brand and derived from the English words "mental math, memory", "read" and "Olympiad" and it means "Mental Calculation and Memory & Photographic Reading Olympiad".

MEMORIAD, where games and competitions are held in the Olympic games order once every four year, is the FIRST and ONLY platform combining "MENTAL CALCULATION", "MEMORY" and "PHOTOGRAPHIC READING" competitions.
This is the only and first international mental Olympics where the competitors do not pay any money for participation and furthermore earn cash money and win medal for their mental abilities.
Memoriad platform is NOT an organization held for an individual’s or corporation’s product promotions. Each national memoriad organizer, as a member of international memoriad committee, has the equal vote power in decision making of the Memoriad.
The decision of "in which world city that the international Memoriad will be held once every four years" will be made by the international Memoriad committee.
Memoriad brand is now under the registration of Mega Hafiza Ltd. and when the dream of national memoriad games are known globally comes true, this brand will be transferred to the incorporated body of the International Memoriad Committee.
Memoriad – 2012 will be held in Antalya, Turkey on 24th and 25th of November.
In Memoriad 2012 the total prize fund is US$ 30,000
In ten (*) categories of the Memoriad, each category champion will receive US$ 1500. Each Silver Medalist receives US$ 750 and Bronze Medalist receives US$ 500. And up to five new world records broken during the competition, a sum total of US$ 2,500 is reserved and each world record holder will receive extra US$ 500. 

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