LMI Sudoku Test (Fugitive Warrant on 3-5 November 2012)

Fugitive Warrant-LMI Sudoku Test

In this test there are 14 problems with concept “fugitive warrant”. In order to fit this theme, we had to make new variants. So there are only 2 well-known types of Sudoku. If you solve problems in order, you will meet the trace of criminals. We hope you enjoy the test.-
Logic Masters India Sudoku Test named Fugitive Warrant contains 14 problems. These 14 problems includes few Standard Sudoku Variations like Classic Sudoku or Killer Sudoku. However most of the Sudoku puzzles appearing in this test are new Sudoku variations.-
The duration of the test is 110 minutes.
All grids are 9 by 9 although problems in this booklet are 6 by 6.
Answer key for a problem is either two rows (left-to-right) or one row (left-to-right) and one column (top-to-bottom), indicated by an arrow.

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