LMI Puzzle Test: Moscow Puzzle Cup 2012 on 9-10 Dec 2012

Moscow Puzzle Cup 2012
Moscow Puzzle Cup 2012

About Moscow Puzzle Cup 2012

In round 1 participants will solve 8 Futoshiki on Mobius strip. Eight on the logotype of Cup represents this puzzle. Each Futoshiki on Mobius strip has a common part with the pair of neighbors.
Round 2 include puzzles whose names begin with the letters Di. Most puzzle types of this tour you know from the September's Contest 2012 on LMI.
In Triathlon F round puzzlers will solve Firs, Easy as CUP and Triad, each of which consisting 3 grids.
In round 4 must be solved puzzle Trid on each face of tetrahedron. Circles on the edges of tetrahedron are shared for two Trids, and on his tops – for three. puzzle I recommend to solve on the paper of A3 format.
Round 5 is composed of classic puzzles.
Puzzle Contest Author
Riad Khanmagomedov
Puzle Contest Start Time
This test starts at 14:30 MSK / 10:30 GMT / 16:00 IST Sunday and is open for 48 hours. 

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