Sunday, February 24, 2013

LMI Puzzle Marathon from 01-10 March, 2013

LMI Puzzle Marathon from 01-10 March, 2013

About Puzzle Marathon

This is a differently designed LMI test.

  • All puzzle grids in this test are marathon grids, i.e. they are much bigger in size than usual.
  • There is no fixed time limit for any puzzle. The challenge for solvers is to solve all of them in least amount of time.
  • The test will be open slightly for more than a week, with the idea that everyone can get around to solve all puzzles conveniently.
  • Each puzzle can be started, solved and submitted independent of others, and in any order, anytime during the week.

Instruction Booklet


"Puzzle Marathon" will be open for 9 days, 01-10 March.
Your timer will start when you click "Start" on any puzzle." Bonus will be awarded for submissions within an hour.
A timer will be displayed for each puzzle.

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