Answers of Detective Murder Mystery Puzzles

Following are the answers of the puzzles posted with titled "Detective Murder Mystery Puzzles"

1, Math teacher is murder. It was first day of the school. Then how can he give the grades.

2. 1st of December is D, 2nd of February is e, 3rd of March is r, 4th of June is e and 5th of October is b which makes Dereb who is the murderer.

3. Maid is the murder. There are no mails on Sunday morning.

4. Because murder would have re-winded the cassette in the tape recorder. If person would have done suicide then tape will be at the end and needs to be re-winded before being listened the message being played on the tape.

5. Because Tom as booked return ticket only for himself and not for his wife. He planned this murder before going to trip and was sure that his wife will not return from the trip along with him.

Because if anyone wants to do suicide, he/she will do the future planing and pack the bags for the travel.

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