Online Windoku or Hypersudoku

Online Windoku or Hypersudoku
Windoku is very nice Classic Sudoku Variation. Windoku is also known with name Hypersudoku. In this Sudoku Classic, Sudoku rules apply. In addition, there are four windows drawn symmetrically of size 3x3 which also contains numbers from 1 to 9. In fact, Windoku can also be called Extra Region Sudoku as these four windows act as an extra region which must contain numbers from one to nine.

How to Solve Windoku or HyperSudoku
Fill in all the blocks with 1 to 9, following the rules below
1. The numbers in a row/column must not repeat
2. The numbers in each 3x3 group marked with thick lines must not repeat
3. The numbers in each additional 3x3 groups marked with dark background must not repeat. 

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