WPF Sudoku Grand Prix 2013 Play-off

WPF Sudoku Grand Prix 2013 Final
WPF Sudoku Grand Prix 2013

The play-off to the WPF Sudoku Grand Prix 2013 is designed to be a representative and exciting finale to the 8 online rounds. Each finalist will solve a total of 8 puzzles, with one type of Sudoku chosen from each of the online rounds. The puzzles are designed to be of roughly equal difficulty, and the play-off is expected to last no longer than 50 minutes in total.
The winner will be the solver who finishes the 8 puzzles the quickest. Solving will continue until 3 solvers have correctly completed all 8 puzzles.

The Instruction booklet of WPF Sudoku GrandPrix 2013 is out and it contains the following Sudoku puzzles each taken from every round.
Gappy Consecutive Sudoku
Point to Next Sudoku
Arrow Sudoku
Tennis Sudoku
Extra Regions Sudoku
Even/Odd Sudoku
Odd Lab Sudoku
Coast to Coast Sudoku

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