World Puzzle Championship 2013 Practice Mini Marathon

World Puzzle Championship 2013 Practice Mini Marathon
World Puzzle Championship 2013 Practice Mini Marathon

About the Mini Marathon
This is a differently designed Logic Masters India (LMI) test, for preparation for the World Puzzle Championship (WPC) 2013.
• There are 4 different rounds in this test.
• There is no fixed time limit for any round.
• The test will be open for more than a week, with the idea that everyone can get around to solving all rounds conveniently.
• Each round can be started, solved, and submitted independently of others, and in any order, anytime during the week.

Round 1 – Price tag
This round consists of some Price tag puzzles. The puzzles are independent of each other.

Round 2 – Pentomino Samurai
This round consists of 5 puzzles. There are 4 outer puzzles and a middle puzzle. Each outer puzzle is solvable alone.
The 5 puzzles form a Samurai puzzle. It means that to solve the middle puzzle it is necessary to find the correct positions of outer puzzles and to copy their 3x3 corners (2x2 in the example) into the middle grid.

Round 3 – Great Wall
This round consists of eight The Wall puzzles. The eight puzzles form a Great Wall together. Some puzzle has multiple solutions, but the whole grid has only one solution.

Round 4 – Black and White Matrix
This round consists of twelve (12) puzzles that are connected in two ways. Firstly, all of them are to be colored black and white in the process of solving.
Secondly, if two puzzle grids are placed adjacent to each other (sharing an edge), then the rows/columns along that shared edge must be identical in both puzzles. In other words, any two cells that are in different puzzles but share an edge must either both be black or both be white.

These 12 Puzzles are as below
Puzzle 1 – Battleships
Puzzle 2 – Bosnian Loop
Puzzle 3 – Corral
Puzzle 4 – Crazy Pavement
Puzzle 5 – Paint it Black
Puzzle 6 – Lakes
Puzzle 7 – Windows
Puzzle 8 – Pentomino Blokus
Puzzle 9 – Pata
Puzzle 10 – Fill-a-Pix
Puzzle 11 – Line-a-Pix
Puzzle 12 – Heyawake

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