Match (WSC Practice) on 8-9 Oct 2013

Match (WSC Practice) on 8-9 Oct 2013
Match (WSC Practice) on 8-9 Oct 2013
When I said that Classic Hexed and Remixed is going to be the last Puzzle/Sudoku test before WPC/WSC, I was wrong. Thanks to Deb we have a WSC Practice Test called Match based on Round 7 of WSC 2013. 

About Match
This test is designed to serve as a practice for Round 7 of WSC 2013. The rules are the same as the WSC
• There will be 8 sudoku grids, each with a separate rule
• As a part of solving, you have to match the eight variants into pairs of two
• The two puzzles in each pair have the identical solution
• After identifying the pairs, fill in the grid for each puzzle using the combined rules within the pair
Since the WSC IB does not have details about the variants to be used, we have picked 8 different variants
from different rounds.
Following are the Sudoku Types appearing in this test along with the points each Sudoku will have.
Anti-Knight Sudoku          20
Disjoint Groups Sudoku    65
Irregular Sudoku               70
Nine Dragons Sudoku       80
Non-Consecutive Sudoku 70
Odd Sudoku                     65
Skyscrapers Sudoku          65
Sum Sudoku                      65
-- Match --                      100
Total                                 600

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