LMI Sudoku Screen Test #4 : 15 - 18 Nov, 2013

LMI Sudoku Screen Test #4 : 15 - 18 Nov, 2013
LMI Sudoku Screen Test #4
This Screen Test 4 is a slightly differently designed test than regular LMI monthly tests. Here are the key rules of the test
  1. There will be 30 Sudokus. Each Sudoku will have a time limit of 5 minutes and has to be solved within its time limit.
  2. The official length of the test is 60 minutes. Players will be awarded points based on what they solve within that time.
  3. All Sudokus are to be solved online. There will not be any pdf booklet to be downloaded.
  4. The Sudokus are to be solved in the same order as in the IB. Once submitted, revisiting the Sudoku is not possible.
  5. The Sudokus are split into 3 groups.
  • A – All players will find these types accessible and familiar.
  • B – Bonus group having not so common variants, but expectedly not hard solves.
  • E – Extra group, expected to challenge the best players, regardless of variant familiarity.
Here is the list of Sudoku Types appearing in this test along with Sudoku Group names
A1. Classic Sudoku
A2. Classic Sudoku
A3. Even Sudoku
A4. Diagonal Sudoku
A5. Untouch Sudoku
A6. Either Or Sudoku
A7. Extra Region Sudoku
A8. Irregular Sudoku
A9. Inequality Sudoku
A10. XV Sudoku
A11. 2 even 2 odd Sudoku
A12. Renban Groups Sudoku
B1. Descriptive Pairs Sudoku
B2. Repeated Neighbours Sudoku
B3. Product Sudoku
B4. Skyscrapers Sudoku
B5. Kropki Sudoku
B6. Thermo Sudoku
B7. Disjoint Groups Sudoku
B8. Slot Machine Sudoku
B9. Sequences Sudoku
E1. Classic Sudoku Sudoku
E2. Search 6 Sudoku
E3. Palindrome Sudoku
E4. Rossini Sudoku
E5. Killer Sudoku
E6. Consecutive Sudoku
E7. Arrow Sudoku
E8. Toroidal Sudoku
E9. Point to Next Sudoku 

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