Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kakuro Online (Logical Thinking Puzzle Game)

Kakuro Online (Logical Thinking Puzzle Game)
Each Kakuro puzzle is composed of a number of rows and columns, some cells are empty and light coloured, others some have numbers in them. At first look therefore it looks like a crossword.Every sequence of cells in either a row or a column is called a 'run'. At the left of each horizontal run, and at the top of each vertical run, you will see a number. In the image above, you can see, for instance, a '5' in the second cell on the top row. This means simply that the sum of the two cells underneath it is 5. Next to the '5' is '21' - this means, therefore, that the three cells underneath it sum to 21. And so on, throughout the puzzle. Using this information alone, you can solve a Kakuro puzzle. The key constraint is that you can only use a number once in each run. Therefore if you need to make '6' from two numbers, you cannot use '3' twice, but must rather use 1 and 5 or 4 and 2. You may only use the numbers 1 to 9.

One can play puzzles for one full week. One new puzzle uploaded everyday. This requires Java to be installed in your browser. Please do make sure that latest version of Java is installed.

Please do wait for puzzle applet to load fully.


You must use a Java enabled browser to solve these puzzles.

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