Unlucky 13 - Logic Masters India (LMI) April 2015 Sudoku Test

Unlucky 13 - Logic Masters India (LMI) April 2015 Sudoku Test
It is almost one month now that I am not very much active on this blog. Neither I am very active in solving puzzles. Anyway slowing I am coming back in both solving puzzles/Sudoku and updating this blog. Next coming Sudoku Championship is Unlucky 13 which is Logic Masters India (LMI) April 2015 Sudoku Test. This championship will take place from 1st of April to 6th of April. It means that by the time I am posting about this championship, it has already started. 

Number 13 is considered unlucky. There are many things which relates to number 13 in this championship. Some of these are as listed below
1. There are 13 Sudoku to be solved in this championship.
2. Time duration of this championship is 65 minutes which is divisible by 13.
3. Points allocated to each puzzle is multiple of 13.
4. Total points of this championship 1313 which reads 13 twice and is also multiple of 13.
Last year there was one Puzzle Championship on Logic Masters India website to celebrate April Fools' Day. In that championship there were many mini puzzles which can be solved within few minutes without taking printout. Hopefully this championship will contain proper 9x9 Sudoku may be themed around April Fool's day. Anyway one will get to know more about this championship only after participating this. Rohan Rao is author of this championship. It is his 13th test which author by Rohan. This test contain many interesting Sudoku variations as below.
10. Stripes Sudoku
12. Arrow Sudoku and
13. Surprise Sudoku

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