Saturday, September 30, 2017

Can you find hidden country names?

Hidden country names Quiz Questions
Some days back, I got a puzzles on Whatsapp in which some sentences were given and one has to find the country names hidden in the consecutive letters of the sentences. I find these puzzles very interesting and thought of creating few puzzles of this type in which one single sentence is given which contains the name of the country hidden in consecutive letters ignoring the punctuation marks.
e.g. Study the sentence below
Give Hope. run. 
Country name PERU is hidden in this sentence. 
Give Hope. run. 

I posted these riddles in many different whatsapp groups and it was my classmate "Atul Bhandari" and my former teammate in World Sudoku Championship India team "Pranav Kamesh" who were very quick to answer all these riddles correctly. I have updated the answers of these riddles at the end of this post.

Lets see how many one can solve. I will not be publishing the answers immediately as I want to see how many visitors of this blog can solve. Do come back to watch answers and do post your answers in the comment section of this post.

1. Jagmohan sat on his chair and started writing script of his next movie.

2. Can a day and night be of same duration?

3. In Diagonal Sudoku puzzle, numbers 1 to 9 appears on each diagonals.

4. SBI has at least one bank branch in all the big cities.

5. There is a big spa in Bangalore city. 

6. Waiter picked up the money, which I left on the table.

7. He played music on GOD Krishna in temple.  

8. Rajesh is puzzle blogger. Many people follows him on social media sites. 

9. Fair and free elections makes strong democracy.

10. Ninja Panic is the name of the new Video game. 

11. Three friends Tuchun, Gary and Anand were walking. 

12. "Don't give Sermon, go liar", yelled angry mom at her husband. 

13. She had a strong and malign influence. 

14. Maltase is an enzyme, present in saliva. 

15. "Don't throw your tiffin. Land around you is getting dirty." Mom told little child

16. World Chess Championship match was tough. Anand however looked calm and won first game. 

17. There were nine palm trees around the building 

18. Either put shoes on the rack, or each of you may get lost.

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Answers of Hidden Country Names Puzzles
Below are the hidden answers of these riddles. Try to solve these riddles without looking at the answers and use these given answers to just check and correct your solutions.


2. Canada

3. India

4. China 

5. Spain

6. Chile

7. Congo

8. Germany

9. Iran

10. Japan

11. Hungary

12. Mongolia

13. Mali

14. Malta

15. Finland

16. Ghana 

17. Nepal

18. Korea

1 comment:

  1. 1 iran
    2 canada
    3 india
    4 china
    5 spain
    6 chile
    7 Congo
    8 Germany
    9 iran
    10 japan
    11 Hungary
    12 mongolia
    13 mali
    14 malta
    15 finland
    16 ghana
    17 nepal
    18 korea


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