Classic Sudoku Puzzles (Fun With Sudoku #324, #325)

Standard Sudoku or  Classic Sudoku is always a requirement for any Sudoku Competition. A Sudoku Event is not complete without a Classic Sudoku puzzle. So I keep on creating Classic Sudoku puzzles regular. Here are the two Classic Sudoku puzzles which I created for  World Sudoku Championships 2017. However these puzzles were not included in this Sudoku competition, so now I am publishing these Classic Sudoku puzzles as part of Fun With Sudoku Series as 324th and 325th Sudoku Puzzle in this Series. 
First Classic Sudoku Puzzle is themed as Steps. Hints given in this Sudoku puzzles makes a steps. Second Classic Sudoku Puzzle is themed Waves, where the hints given makes different waves.

Rules of Classic Sudoku Puzzle

Place a digit from 1 to 9 into each of the empty cells so that each digit appears exactly once in each row, column and 3x3 outlined box.
Classic Sudoku Puzzle (Fun With Sudoku #324)
Classic Sudoku Puzzle (Fun With Sudoku #324)

Answers of these Classic Sudoku puzzles can be viewed by clicking on buttons below. Please do give your best try to solve this Sudoku puzzles before looking at the answer.

Classic Sudoku Puzzle (Fun With Sudoku #325)
Classic Sudoku Puzzle (Fun With Sudoku #325)

These two Standard Classic Sudoku Puzzles I am publishing as #324th and #325th Sudoku puzzles in Fun With Sudoku Series. Here are the next are previous Sudoku puzzles published in this series.


>> Gaurav Kumar Jain said...

2 and 3 mins.....liked both

>> Rajesh Kumar said...

Great timings Gaurav! You have improved a lot in Classic Sudoku puzzles. Keep it up :).

>> Unknown said...

Done within 3 minutes and 7 minutes

>> kishy said...

1:59 and 3:54 - Smooth