Tricky Question for Teens with Solution

Here is tricky question for school going teens which will shake your brain. In this mind twisting tricky question, letters equates to the numbers. In this tricky question, your challenge is to find the relationship between letters and numbers and then find the missing number which will replace the question mark. Lets see if you can solve this tricky question?
It is tricky question for teen which in letters equates to the numbers. You challenge is to find the relationship between these letters and numbers.
Can you solve this tricky question?

Answer of this "Tricky Question for Teens", is can be viewed by clicking on Answer button. Please do give your best try to solve this brain teaser.


Unknown said...

792 is the answer

Rajesh Kumar said...

Our answer is different from your answer. It will be great if you write you logical reasoning to solve this puzzle!

Rakesh sharmi said...

How can we find answer directly if we don't know the answer. 990 you putting your logic in answer what if we don't known the answer above three 211 321 431 then how 642 came.

Rajesh Kumar said...

@Rakesh, You can find the answer along with the explanation after clicking on the "View Answer" button.
I have put the logical reasoning which I used while I created this puzzle. However, there may be another logic that can lead to some other answer. Let me know your answer along with your logical reasoning?
Also, let me know if something is not clear in my explanation?