Frame Sudoku Puzzle (Fun With Sudoku #397)

From last few weeks I have not created any new Sudoku puzzle. However there are many unpublished puzzles created long back in my notebooks. So I now a days I am trying to post these puzzles. There were two Frame Sudoku puzzles which I created for Asian Sudoku Championship 2018. One Frame Sudoku got selected to be included in this Sudoku Competition. However this is the another Frame Sudoku which could not make it to this Sudoku Competition. This Frame Sudoku, I am publishing as part of Fun With Sudoku Series as 397th Sudoku Puzzle in this Series.

Rules of Frame Sudoku Puzzle

Standard Sudoku Rules apply. Additionally numbers outside the grid equal the sum of the digits appearing in the cells in the first box (till the next bold line) seen from that edge of the grid.
Frame Sudoku Puzzle (Fun With Sudoku #397)
Frame Sudoku Puzzle (Fun With Sudoku #397)
Answer of this Frame Sudoku puzzle can be viewed by clicking on button. Please do give your best try to solve this Sudoku puzzle before looking at the answer.

This Frame Sudoku Sudoku Puzzle I am publishing as #397th Sudoku puzzle in Fun With Sudoku Series. Here are the next and previous Sudoku puzzles published in this Sudoku Series.


kishy said...

Can you provide the start for this sudoku ? I got the start but it was tortuous and couldn't have been the intended one.Later, because of a calculation error,I sadly broke it .

Rajesh Kumar said...

I will recheck this Frame Sudoku and will post about it soon.