Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzle (Fun With Sudoku #390)

Jigsaw Sudoku or Irregular Sudoku is a very interesting Sudoku Variation of Classic Sudoku. This Sudoku variation is considered tough if one does not know few basic techniques to solve this Sudoku puzzle type. Anyway here is an easy Jigsaw Sudoku which, I am posting in the Fun With Sudoku Series as the 390th Sudoku Puzzle in this Series.  Can you solve this easy Irregular Sudoku puzzle?

Rules of Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzle

Place a digit from 1 to 9 in each empty cell so that each digit appears exactly once in each row, column, and outlined region. Each outlined region is marked by thick borders.
Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzle (Fun With Sudoku #390)
Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzle (Fun With Sudoku #390)

The answer to this Jigsaw Sudoku puzzle #390 can be viewed by clicking on the button. Please do give your best try to solve this Sudoku puzzle before looking at the answer.

This Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzle I am publishing as #390th Sudoku puzzle in the Fun With Sudoku Series. Here are the next and previous Sudoku puzzles published in this series.


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Aprx 14 minutes

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Completed after making mistake in first solve. Got a bit confused 😬.

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