Funny Brain Teaser to Trick your Brain

This is Funny Brain Teaser for Kids which will trick your brain. You need to answer this funny brain teaser as quickly as possible. In fact answer to this Funny Riddle is very easy and you need to think outside to box to solve this quick funny brain teaser. Let us see if you can solve this funny brain teaser? 
Can you tell us who can Jump higher than the Mount Everest?
Can you solve this Funny Brain Teaser?
The answer to this "Funny Brain Teaser to Trick your Brain", can be viewed by clicking on the answer button.


jigs said...

Great to have these puzzles!

Rajesh Kumar said...

It is nice to know that you liked these puzzles!

Unknown said...

love these so much.keep up the great work!!

Rajesh Kumar said...

Thanks. It is the love and comments of the readers like you which keep me motivated to post regular #puzzles on this website.