Non-Verbal Reasoning Puzzle with Solution

This is the Non-Verbal Reasoning Test Puzzle for kids. In this puzzle image, there is a sequence of pictures. Your challenge is to read this sequence of images carefully and then logical deduct the next picture in this series which will replace the question mark. Let us see how much time you will take to solve this Non-Verbal Reasoning puzzle?
In this Non-Verbal Reasoning Puzzle, your challenge is to find the next picture in the series which will replace the question mark
What will Replace the Question Mark?
The answer to this "Non-Verbal Reasoning Puzzle", can be viewed by clicking on the answer button.


TravelGems said...

Great puzzles. My kid will love to solve them.

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Rajesh Kumar said...

Thanks and great to know that you liked our #puzzles. Hopefully your kids will also like these puzzles and will be solve regularly on this website.
There is one sections for Kids Puzzles which you can find in the menu to browse the easy puzzles, brainteaser and riddles for kids.