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Forsmarts 9th Anniversary Squared Contest (3rd / 4th December,2011)

All puzzles in this contest are “squared”, meaning there are four of each kind, forming a 2x2square. Clues in the grey cells are common for both adjacent grids. Finding their complete content is a part of solution.

Points are given for every single puzzle solved (but only if it is a part of entire solution of the “squared” puzzle). If the entire “squared” puzzle is solved (all 4 answer keys are correct) the participant is awarded with the additional bonus.

The answer key will be either 2 rows or 2 columns. The empty cells should be marked by “-”; battleships, tents, coral and snake parts - by “X”, numbers and letters should be entered as they are.

Duration of the contest is 120 minutes + 10 minutes extra time. There will be a penalty for the submission during extra time: 0.2 points per second (12 points per minute).

Instructions Booklet

Puzzle Types

  • (First Seen Coral)²
  • (Battleships)²
  • (Tents)²
  • (Easy as ABC)²
  • (First Seen Even-Odd Sudoku)²
  • (Outside Sum Sudoku)²
  • (Dotted Snake)²
  • (Skyscrapers)²
  • (First Seen Japanese Sums)²


You may start "Snake Variations Contest 2011" any time during the 78-hour period during the weekend of 26/27/28 November.
Your timer will start when you click "Start Snake Variations Contest 2011" — then you will have 120 minutes to solve and submit your answers.
A timer will be shown the answer page with the remaining time.

Extra Time

There is 10 minutes of extra time with a penalty of 12 points per used minute. Note that penalties will be applied irrespective of correctness of submission.

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