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Logic Masters India: Puzzle Marathon on 21-29 January, 2012

About the test
This is a differently designed LMI test.
• All puzzle grids in this test are marathon grids, i.e. they are much bigger in size than usual.
• There is no fixed time limit for any puzzle. The challenge for solvers is to
solve all of them in least amount of time.
• The test will be open slightly for more than a week, with the idea that
everyone can get around to solve all puzzles conveniently.
• Each puzzle can be started, solved and submitted independent of others,
and in any order, anytime during the week.

Each puzzle is worth 100 points. A correct submission for a puzzle will be awarded with 100 points. Additionally bonus points will be awarded for submitting a puzzle correctly within an hour, 1 point per minute saved (computed upto seconds). Final score for a puzzle will be 100 points + any bonus points – any penalty.
Total score for a player will be computed by summing individual puzzle scores. For players who submit all 10 puzzles correctly, their worst puzzle score will be discarded.

Instant Grading
Instant Grading is built-in in this test, which means no player will get 0 for solving the big puzzle correctly, but making an error while keying the answer. Each submission will be marked as “correct” or “wrong”. Following penalty rules will be applicable for wrong submissions
• 0.5 minutes penalty for each of the first two wrong submissions
• 2 minutes penalty for each of the subsequent wrong submissions
Please note that each answer key is of “fixed length”. That means if red warning is displayed while submitting, the submission can never be correct.
Difficulty Of The puzzles
Each puzzle can be solved independently of others. So specifying difficulty of puzzles is not important. However, what is important to mention is, no puzzle is extra hard to solve. They are just large in size. The real challenge is to solve the large grid without making mistakes.

puzzle pdfs
Each puzzle will have a separate password protected pdf, the passwords being different from each other. All pdfs will be available to download hours before the test starts. Since the grids are large, they will not include the example grids.

Deb Mohanty

With inputs from
Horvath Zoltan
Rohan Rao
Serkan Yurekli

Puzzle Authors
David Millar
Deb Mohanty
Horvath Zoltan
Prasanna Seshadri
Serkan Yurekli
Tom Collyer
Vladimir Portugalov

Logo Design
David Millar

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