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Mental Calculation World Cup 2012

When I started solving puzzles I was not even aware the there is World Puzzle Championship being held every year. I started solving Logical Puzzles i.e. World Puzzle Championship Style Puzzles in year 2000 but get to first participate in World Puzzle Championship in year 2004 in Croatia representing India. 
My daughter Evanthe Gupta is now 6 and half years old and thanks to her Brain O Brain weekly classes, she can do addition and subtraction in mind. It it really nice to know that there is Mental Calculation World Cup held once every two year. I was happy and surprised to see last world cup winner Priyanshi Somani was from India

This year Mental Calculation World Cup 2012 will take place at Mathematikum, a science museum in Gie├čen, Germany.

Mental calculators from all over the world are invited to take part. If you are interested, please register until 1 June 2012.

Contest Details:

The World Cup contest will take place on 30 September/1 October. Calculators will have to solve tasks in different categories (addition, multiplication, extracting roots, day-of-the-week calculations and tasks of surprise). There are several prizes for the best participants.
The MEMORIAD Association has sponsored free flights to the MEMORIAD 2012 competition for the winners in the categories addition, multiplication, square roots and day-of-the week.
(does not apply for participants who have already won a free flight in the MCWC 2010 event and for participants who are not allowed to enter MEMORIAD contests according to decisions of the MEMORIAD Association)

Please download the entry form below and send it by airmail to the address given in the form until 1 June 2012.

World Championship Titles:

will be given to the winners in the categories addition, multiplication, square roots and day-of-the-week as well as to the most versatile calculator (the one with the best result in the surprise tasks) and to the combined winner.


If you have any questions on the MCWC, please contact
The best place for discussions about the World Cup and mental calculation in general is the Mental Calculation Mailing List.

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