Monday, March 23, 2015

Touchy Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #44)

Touchy Sudoku is very interesting Sudoku variations. In the Non Consecutive Sudoku, consecutive numbers don't touch each other. However here in Touchy Sudoku each number has to touch its one of the consecutive number. This Sudoku variation, I first time saw in 3rd World Sudoku Championship which was held in year 2008 in Goa, India.
This is the Touchy Sudoku which I prepared for Sudoku Mahabharat Episode 6. My first version of this puzzle was very very easy. It was having 4 more hints and later these hints at R8C1, R9C2 and corresponding symmetrical hints were removed to make it more interesting and little tough as compared to previous original version of this Sudoku. This puzzle was very much liked by the participants of this championship. 
This Touchy Sudoku is my second Sudoku posted in the website. My earlier Touchy Sudoku I created for the participants to prepare for Sudoku Mahabharat Episode 6 as a practice puzzle. That practice puzzle was published with title Touchy Sudoku (Daily Sudoku League #94).
This Touchy Sudoku, I  am posting as 44th Sudoku in Fun With Sudoku Series.
Touchy Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #44)
Touchy Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #44)

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