Friday, February 13, 2015

Sudoku Mahabharat Episode 6 by Rajesh Kumar

Sudoku Mahabharat Episode 6 by Rajesh Kumar

6th Episode of Sudoku Mahabharat is themed Neighbhours. I am the author of this test. In fact earlier Amit was supposed to prepare this round. As he was very busy currently, so this round is taken over by me. Following are the Sudoku types along with Classic Sudoku which will be appearing in this Sudoku round. 
Inequality Sudoku
Either Or Sudoku
Quad Max Sudoku
Renban Sudoku and 
Touchy Sudoku
This was the first time I was preparing these Sudoku types. So currently there are not much puzzles published on this site for Sudoku types appearing in this round or Sudoku Mahabharat. However I will try to create some of these Sudoku types and publish it soon here.
Hoping that you will enjoy this test. Please do share your feedback regarding this test once you finish this round.

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