WPF Sudoku Grand Prix 2015 Round 4 by Jan Mrozowski

WPF Sudoku Grand Prix 2015 Round 4 by Jan Mrozowski
Author of World Puzzle Federation (WPF) Sudoku Grand Prix 2015 Round 4 is Jan Mrozowski from Poland. This championship will be held from 27th March, 2015 to 20th March, 2015 online at WPF Sudoku website. Previous round 3 of WPF Sudoku Grand Prix. was authored by Indian puzzle creators in which I was one of the co-authors for the test.

There are many interesting puzzles in this championship with few puzzles being the new Sudoku Variations e.g. Between Sudoku and Sukaku Sudoku. In fact Between Sudoku already appeared in recent World Sudoku Championship 2014 with slight rules changes. I have also prepared one Between Sudoku. The difference in the current Between Sudoku are previous one is that currently between numbers appears in all the given digits whereas in the previous version of this Between Sudoku numbers with such property were marked with circles and lines connecting these circles. It mean that in the previous version even on some of the diagonals are rules of Between Sudoku can be applied but in the current version these rules only applies to Rows and Columns. 

This championship contains following Sudoku variations. I am posting the links to the practice puzzles for these Sudoku variations. Be aware that some of these practice puzzles contain additional rules. 

2. Windoku,
6. Roman Numeral Sudoku
8. Sukaku Sudoku
I am enjoying participating in WPF Sudoku Grand Prix. Looking forward to this championship over the coming weekend.

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