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Hidden Words in Picture Puzzles

Hidden Words in Picture Puzzles
Till now we have published Hidden Animals in picture puzzles or find the difference in picture puzzles. While we were creating these hidden animals puzzles, then idea of creating puzzle pictures in which English words are hidden came to our mind. So we have created few hidden words in picture puzzles. We will be creating more of this type of puzzle if this is like by our audience.
In each of these pictures six words are hidden. One has to find out all six hidden words in these pictures. Some words will be easy to find and will be immediately visible. However there will be few words in each of the picture which will be little harder to find. Lets see how many words you can find in each of the picture in least possible time.
Answers to these hidden words picture puzzles will be provided soon. However to write your answers and time taken to find all the six words in each picture in the comment section of this post.

Hidden Words Brain Teaser
1. Hidden Words Brain Teaser

Hidden Words Picture Puzzle City
2. Hidden Words Picture Puzzle of City

Hidden Words Puzzle Picture of Lake
3. Hidden Words Puzzle Picture of Lake

Words Hidden in Picture Puzzle-Tools
4. Words Hidden in Picture Puzzle-Tools

In the last picture of Coffee beans below, the six words forms the common English Idiom. Do find out all the six words and create the English idiom combining all the six found words.

Hidden Words English Idiom Picture Puzzle
5. Hidden Words English Idiom Picture Puzzle

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