Natural Optical Illusions

Natural Optical Illusions
Sometimes nature plays fun with our brain and eyes to create Optical Illusions. Here I am posting some of the Natural Optical Illusions. However, these are not fully Natural Optical illusions but edited images to give the effect of Optical Illusion.

Optical Illusion of Natural Reflection
1. Optical Illusion of Natural Reflection

Optical Illusion of Natural Face
2. Optical Illusion of Natural Face

Natural Optical Illusion of Hidden Faces
3. Natural Optical Illusion of Hidden Faces

Optical Illusion of  Hidden Animals Forest by Jonas Wetzky
4. Optical Illusion of  Hidden Animals Forest by Jonas Wetzky

The next image is the actual photograph clicked. I will not say it Optical Illusion but it will show that Natural camouflage. In this picture a frog is hidden. Can you find this hidden frog in the below picture? 
Optical Illusion of Hidden Frog
5. Optical Illusion of Hidden Frog

Next one the photograph which someone shared on my mobile and told me to find something hidden in this Naturally clicked photograph. It took me a lot of twists of my brain to see the hidden object in this picture. Can you find what is hidden in the picture? Do post your comments in case you are able to see the hidden object in this picture.
Optical Illusion in Wall
6. Optical Illusion in Wall

These pictures are part of Fun Optical Illusions. Below are some more Optical Illusions to amaze your mind.
List of Optical Illusions

1. Moving Pictures Optical Illusions to trick your brain: Here is the optical illusion which is stationary images but created in such a way that our mind will see these pictures as if these are moving pictures. Do check out these moving pictures of optical illusions yourself. 

2. Hidden Face in Picture Brain Teasers: These are not optical illusions but also not less than optical illusions. These contain pictures in which hide the face of some famous personalities. Can you find these hidden faces? 

3.  How to Create Magic Images to Disillusion your mind: After looking at all these optical illusions, it's time now to create your own magic images that will twist your brain. Check out this tutorial in which you will learn to create your own Magical Images which will disillusion your mind.

4.  Simple Mind Twisting Optical Illusions: At the end do have a look at these simple but mind-twisting optical illusions.

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