Best of Logic Masters India Puzzle Tests on 5/6/7 Jan 2013

Logic Masters India
Logic Masters India
Last year “Best of LMI Puzzle Tests” recalled some memorable puzzles of 2010-2011 and had huge success among the puzzle solvers. So this just couldn’t help but be continued. This test contains 22 puzzles: 2 puzzles selected from each of 11 monthly tests starting from “Nikoli
Selection” up to “Akil Oyunlari Magazine Competition”.
Duration of the test is 150 minutes. Bonus points will be given as 3 points per minute saved if all 22
puzzles are submitted correctly.
All represented tests include “Pair Bonus”. This means bonus points will be awarded, in the case that both puzzles of that test are solved correctly.

Instructions Booklet

Puzzle Booklet


    Andrey Bogdanov & Vladimir Portugalov

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