Friday, August 9, 2013

Indian Sudoku Championship 2013

Indian Sudoku Championship 2013


Indian Sudoku Championship
The Indian Sudoku Championship 2013 will be held online on 11th August, 2013. Participation is free of cost and everyone is invited to participate in the event irrespective of age.
ISC 2013 contains very interesting Sudoku puzzles as divided in two sections
Section 1
Sudokus in this section have mostly the standard rules.
1. Classic Sudoku
2. Classic Sudoku
4. Sudo-Kurve
5. 6X6 Sudoku
6. Overlapping Classics
7. Shifted Sudoku
8. Deficit Sudoku
Section 2
Apart from standard rules, some additional constraints apply to Sudokus in this section.
10. Diagonal Sudoku
11. Killer Sudoku
12. Renban Groups Sudoku
13. Thermometer Sudoku
14. Arrow Sudoku
15. Smashed Sums Sudoku
16. Vudoku
17. Greater Than Consecutive
18. Even Killer Sudoku

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