Lexamino (QC-1)

Thanks to Hendrik Hardeman for introducing puzzle culture in India. Even though World Puzzle Championship is quite old but it was his effort when full Indian team took part in WPC first time in year 2004. Our performance in first WPC we participated was not very good. To improve our puzzle solving skills Hendrik suggested that we should be creating puzzles. So to improve our puzzle solving skill we started Quixy Challenge series where we will create puzzles which at that time was used by one company to held internal puzzle competition among its employees. Currently Hendrik is not active in puzzle world and now Logic Masters India is doing its best to create Puzzle/Sudoku awareness in India.

I will be publishing in next few posts some of the puzzles created as part of Quixy Challenge (QC) as dedicated to Hendrik. Each of the QC contains three puzzles along with one example. First puzzle being very easy and second being moderate and third being tough one. Some of links mentioned in the QC puzzle documents are now invalid but I don't want to change it as per copyright of Novax Media. 

First puzzle in QC series is Lexamino (or Irregular Sudoku with Alphabets)

Lexamino Puzzle Instruction
Complete the grid by entering letters from the indicated range in the empty cells in such a way that each row, column and outlined shape holds all distinct letters.

Lexamino Puzzles
Lexamino Puzzles

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