DWBH Logic Masters India Puzzle Test on 26th-28th Oct 2013

DWBH on 26th-28th Oct 201

DWBH on 26th-28th Oct 2013

After many puzzle tests at LMI in recent months (and WPC of course), we go back to “Classic puzzles” in this test. It means that there will be plenty of classic puzzles (like Star battle, LITS, Slitherlink, Masyu, Tapa, etc.) in this test which are very well-known in our puzzle community. So take it easy and sing “Don´t worry, be happy ...”

Puzzle Types of this test are a classic puzzle and most of the puzzles are available for playing online at many different websites. Below are the puzzle types with the link to the puzzle webpage where one can find puzzles for practice.

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