Monday, June 2, 2014

Andes Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Andes Jigsaw Puzzle Game
You can solve this Jigsaw puzzle from 3 different Picture. This Puzzle contains the pictures of Andes Mountains in South America. In this Jigsaw Puzzle you can Choose your Puzzle Pieces style. These styles can be anyone from Classic, Oval, Triangle or Square. Another Jigsaw Puzzle style is Mixed which will contain all these styles. You can also choose the puzzle size you like. There are 5 different sizes are available for this puzzle. These sizes are Simple, Easy, Medium, Hard and Challenge. So you can fully configure this Jigsaw puzzle according to your choice.
Moreover other these 3 given pictures your own picture can be used to solve the Jigsaw Puzzle. You can also upload your own picture and solve this Jigsaw Puzzle with your uploaded picture. Anytime during the Jigsaw Puzzle solving you can go back to Main Menu and restart the Jigsaw Puzzle again.

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