Battenburg Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #187)

Battenburg Sudoku is very interesting Even Odd Sudoku variation. In this variation Odd and Even digits forms the checkered board pattern and wherever this pattern occurs the Battenburg marking are given. This is also Converse Rule Sudoku puzzle where all the marking are given. It means that where Battenburg markings are not given there Odd Even checkered board pattern cannot come. There is one Sudoku template I have prepared which will automatically mark these Battenburg Sudoku patterns when Sudoku numbers are entered in the grid. I created few Sudoku puzzles to test the template. This is my second Battenburg Sudoku which is generated using that template. I have created few puzzles to test the correctness of the Battenburg Sudoku pattern markings and also to test the color used for the markings so that when Sudoku is printed in black and white these marking are quite clear. 
There are many learning while I created these Sudoku puzzles. One of the notable learning is not to give any hint digit on the marking cell as it will immediately reveal the even/odd pattern for the 2x2 cells and fun of solving this puzzles will go. So I will try to create next few puzzles where I can avoid giving the numbers of the pattern cells. Anyway this is an easy Battenburg Sudoku puzzle which can be used by a person who is new to Battenburg Sudoku rules to get to know more about this Sudoku type :).
I am posting this Battenburg Sudoku in Fun With Sudoku Series as 187th puzzle in this series.

Below is solution of Battenburg Sudoku Puzzle titled Battenburg Sudoku Puzzle (Fun With Sudoku #215)
Battenburg Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #215) Puzzle Answer
Battenburg Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #215) Puzzle Answer

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