Liar XV Sudoku Puzzles (Fun With Sudoku #222, #223)

As the Instruction Booklet of World Sudoku Championship (WSC) 2016 is released. For next few days, I will try to post the Sudoku puzzles which are going to appear in this championship, so that visitors of this website who are participating in this championship can use these puzzles for their practice. I am starting with two puzzle Liar XV Sudoku. This Sudoku type is appearing in Round 5 named Aliens in WSC 2016. 
Starting points of these puzzles is locate the group of symbols which might contain the Liar symbol and then other remaining symbols becomes true. Now keep solving the the correct symbols and after solving for few digits one will be able to exactly locate the Liar symbol.  
I am posting these Liar XV Sudoku puzzles in Fun With Sudoku Series as 222nd and 223rd Sudoku puzzles in this series.
Rules of Liar XV Sudoku
XV Sudoku Rules apply. In addition, all marked symbols except one are correct – i.e. all but one indicate the sum of the numbers in two adjacent cells. It is a part of the solution to discover which of the given symbols is redundant.

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