Arrow Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #221)

When I started creating puzzles and Sudoku around 10 years back then main aim was to create a puzzle on which an experienced player will take around 1 minutes to solve it. That time I never tried to create a symmetrical Sudoku or puzzle. Later slowly symmetry started becoming part of my Sudoku creation but that time I never thought of creating a themed Sudoku. However from last one year, whenever I create a Sudoku puzzle I will try to think of a theme for that Sudoku and then create it so that aesthetically it looks great.  From last one year I have created many Arrow Sudoku themed puzzle for a US based magazine. Even though I have not posted many of the Arrow Sudoku puzzle on this blog till now. From now onward, I am planning to post these themed Arrow Sudoku puzzle on this blog. 
Today's  Arrow Sudoku puzzle is themed TWIN. Word TWIN is made using the Pentomino shapes T, W, I and N. Each of these letter which are put on the four corners are further divided into two arrows which are overlapping with each other. Center part of the Sudoku contains pair of two twin arrow which are similar in looking. I created this Arrow Sudoku puzzle thinking of this theme. However to most of the audience this theme may not clear immediately as in many countries Pentomino sets is not used prominently. Anyway this is my first and maybe last puzzle which I tried to make with Pentominos. Later I decided to create the puzzles which are visually appealing and these puzzles I will be posting later. 
Today's Arrow Sudoku puzzle is having an interesting opening. Getting started will be tough but once few digits are entered, then the Sudoku can be completed very fast. This is tough Sudoku and an experienced player should take more than 6 minutes to solve this Sudoku puzzle.  
Meanwhile, I am posting this Arrow Sudoku puzzle in Fun With Sudoku Series as 221st Sudoku puzzle in this series.

Below is solution of Arrow Sudoku Puzzle, which is published with title Arrow Sudoku Puzzle (Daily Sudoku League #197)
Arrow Sudoku (Daily Sudoku League #197) Puzzle Answer
Arrow Sudoku (Daily Sudoku League #197) Puzzle Answer


Aashay Patil said...

11:11, a fun solve. Had some difficulty at the start but then it flowed smoothly.

Rajesh Kumar said...

Thanks Asshay for solving and providing feedback even for my older Sudoku puzzles :)