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Elevate Games
Elevate is the brain Training Game that I come to know about it recently and installed on my mobile. If one is looking for English and Math Training alone then no other Mobile training game can beat Elevate. For English and Math, it contains one of the best games I have ever seen on a mobile. For Math where most of the brain training games limit themselves to addition and subtraction, Elevate provides Math
Daily Training Schedule of Elevate Games

Training games that test and enhance your not only multiplication but division skills also. It also contains games to understand and learn about math fractions and percentages. For English, Elevate comes with many different games which will test your vocabulary, reading, writing,  syntax, grammar, etc. It touches upon every aspect of the English language. One good thing about Elevate is that it will adjust itself to your learning level automatically and depending upon your performance in a particular game, the next level will be either increased/decreased. So it is a very good game for all age groups as the difficulty levels will be automatically adjusted. 

Another Good thing it provides an incentive to play more on Elevate. The more you score more features will be unlocked. It also provides one feature called "Study" where a lot of reading and learning material for English, as well as Mathematics, is available. In "Study" different materials will keep on unlocking once you keep progressing in the game. Following are the Pros and Cons of Elevate Brain Training Games.

Elevate Games Milestones
1. It provides excellent training games for Mathematics and English.
2. Elevate provides incentives to play regularly and score well. As if you score more, the new features and games will get unlocked.
3. It provides your score in each of the language and Math aspects e.g. it provides your progress card in Reading, Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Math.
4. Study Features in the Elevate Games can be used very effectively to learn many aspects of Math and the English language. 
1. Elevate games are only limited to Mathematics and English. If one is looking for other types of training aspects e.g. Memory Games or Logical Games then Elevate is not for you. 

To conclude, if one is looking for Mathematics and/or English Language Training Games then Elevate Games is must have on your mobile. 

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